Need according to send thine form statistics out of you WordPress website online in conformity with an external API? The Webhooks add-on because Gravity Forms lets in you in accordance with slave precisely that. Easily skip records certain as like form submissions, payment data, and extra in accordance with the 3rd-party service concerning your choice.

Seamless Integration

Easily assemble Webhooks in conformity with a Gravity Form then configure such as facts is surpassed after the callback URL.

Request Methods

Configure Webhooks in imitation of improve GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, yet DELETE namely the Request Method.

Request Formats

Pass facts according to the Request URL as much JSON and a FORM.

Custom Headers or Data

Configure customized petition headers then configure solely the statistics thou need in accordance with ignore after the Webhook.

Conditional Logic

Use Gravity Forms made into Conditional Logic after solely trigger Webhooks so thou want to!